The Fine Art of Hocus Pocus by John Booth

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An inspiring book by John Booth that is full of wonderful stories and little known facts about some of the most popular magicians of our time. In addition to many magic routines taught (Giant Memory exhibitions, Double talk methods, Dr. Hooker’s Card Rise and more) you will also learn about Thurston, Houdini, Maskelyne, Nicola, Siegfried & Roy, and many others.

You learn how to run a magic shop and make money. Why videotapes are quietly self-destructing. Why are fees, today, generally lower than years ago? Who was a better magician: Thurston or Houdini? Why Robert-Houdin was not "The Father of Modern Magic." Why Hooker’s Rising Cards baffles all experts. What inexpensive collectible is poised to soar in value and popularity. And much, much more.

In chapter after chapter, Booth tells what he has seen and experienced through most of the 20th century, after all, he has lived through most of it and has met and befriended many of the greats in magic during that time.

A 298-page, 6.25 x 9.5 inch hardcover book with around 90 illustrations and photos. Includes an introduction by Mark Wilson. Published by Ray Goulet's Magic Art Book Company in 1996.

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