Zombie Ball Small

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You show a highly polished aluminum sphere which sits on a matching polished base. You proceed to cover the ball with a foulard. In a few moments they see the sphere eerily levitate off its base. The sphere then makes its way up higher and suddenly it is floating in mid-air. They see the sphere then animate and move around the performer to the left and to the right and then behind his shoulder! Finally the sphere slowly makes its way back on top of the base and the audience is absolutely silent with astonishment!

This is a highly regarded effect which is a staple in many stage performer's acts. There are many wonderful routines which you can perform with this high quality Zombie ball including Losander's famous Zombie routine.

Includes the highly polished Zombie ball, matching polished base, and gimmick. Foulards are not included but we also carry a high quality foulard which is a perfect match for you new Zombie ball!

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