Marcus Eddie Lecture April 6th 7:30pm

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Magic's Secret Weapon

Marcus Eddie has appeared on
SyFy's "Wizard Wars," on the CW's "Penn & Teller Fool Us,"
headlined at the world-famous Magic Castle, and consults for some of the biggest names in the world of magic,
including David Blaine's 2016 magic special, 'Beyond Magic'.
He has won both the close-up and stage competitions at the
Texas Association of Magicians annual convention
and regularly performs throughout the country.

Marcus Eddie Bio:
"Growing up overseas as part of an Air Force family, Marcus did not have access to magic shops or clubs. Using a magic set he received as a gift from his parents and the few magic books he could find in the school library, Marcus began teaching himself the craft when he was just 12 years old. Building his illusions from toy boxes, tape and everyday items, Marcus took his childhood passion and turned it into his career.
Today, he is a 8 time, award-winning magician, including his win on the Syfy Channels magic competition, 'Wizard Wars', he appeared on 'Penn & Teller Fool Us and is the creator of several products on the market and consults for magician's worldwide, including David Blaine on his last special, 'Beyond Magic'. Marcus Eddie's original magic will leave you stunned!"
Marcus Eddie Lecture:
Marcus shows how to turn objects like toothpicks, glasses and rubber bands into moments of magic and shares some of his crazy methods and creations. Also, He talks about creating magic for companies, his experience performing and creating magic on TV and consulting for magicians like David Blaine. 

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