Self Working Table Magic by Karl Fulves

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The quickest, most certain path toward achieving a reputation as a magician is to be able to perform at a moment's notice with borrowed objects. If you are handed a coin, handkerchief, pencil or rubber band, you should be able to do at least one amazing trick with that object.

This book deals exclusively with just such tricks. It is a collection of some of the best tricks with ordinary objects. The approach throughout the book is simple. No unusual dexterity, gimmicks or special sleights are required. The only props needed are simple, everyday objects-eggs, cards, dice, rubber bands, balloons, apples, etc. Nor are long hours of practice necessary. Step-by-step instructions and over 180 helpful illustrations insure quick and effective mastery of each trick. Self-Working Table Magic contains nearly 100 tricks in the following categories:

Money Magic

Magic Show in a Matchbox

Dice Dexterity

Conjuror's Collection

Psychic Tricks

Elastic Illusions

Hanky Panky

Close-Up Illusions

The Linking Pins

Pen-Ultimate Magic

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