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The Spider Who Loved Cards by Tricks Co. (similar to Tenyo)

The Spider Who Loved Cards by Tricks Co. (similar to Tenyo)

 A deck is shuffled and then a spectator is allowed to select a card, Ask the spectator to show the card to your little pet-spider and the rest of the audience while your back is turned.

Next you introduce the spiders lair...a black case which has a spider-web printed inside. There are also several pictures of card that the spider has caught over the years. Hold the case with the web facing the audience and place the little spider inside.

Slowly, apparently under it's own power, the spider begins to move around the web. it looks very cool! After a few seconds the spider stops on one card turns out to be the selected card!

You are able to immediately hand spider and case out for examination. Nothing is to be found!

You receive the spider (actually a small plastic circle with a picture of a spider on it), the case and all necessary gimmicks with instructions!

No threads or wires! Supply your own regular deck of playing cards.

This is easy to do but audiences love it.
Price: $23.49


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