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Flash by Chad Long

Flash by Chad Long Discounts Apply !
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For years magicians have been performing amazing color changes using tiny sticks with faux gems or the once common pocket knife.

While pretty gemstones are still appealing (especially for ladies), the pocket knife is seen less and less in todays busy world of cell phones, computers and iPods.

Enter magician and creative thinker Chad Long who has not only found an alternative that brings the classic 'Color Changing Knife' trick up to date, but he's worked out a routine that will have your audience scratching their heads in total bewilderment.

"I designed and sketched them, had moulds made from CAD drawings, and then the drives were custom formed. The "move" is so effortless, and I made sure that, when looking at them from the side, you don't see any color from the top or bottom. This makes any potential "angle problems" non-existent" - Chad Long

Not only are there no angle problems to worry over, but the material these faux flash drives are made from makes them a joy to handle. Manipulation is easy making the standard paddle move a breeze to perform - and I think that is an important feature.

To see a quick performance be sure and
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Price: $34.99


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