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The Wallet Transformer

The Wallet Transformer

 The Wallet Transformer is a clever gimmick that turns any wallet with credit card slots into a no palm card-to-wallet.  The Wallet Transformer doesn’t use any thread, elastic, pulls or magnets and resets instantly in front of your spectators.  Cameron Francis’s Wallet Transformer is designed to be performed surrounded making it excellent card magic for the walk around, table hopping and close up magician.

You ask your spectator to select a card and sign it. Sandwiching their signed card between two Jacks you ask your spectator to hold the three cards between both of their hands so you can no longer see the cards. Then, clearly showing your hand empty, you remove your wallet from your pocket, telling your spectator that if you get the trick wrong you will give them the contents of your wallet. You wave the wallet over your spectator’s hands and then ask them to open up their hands and spread the cards. Magically, their signed card has disappeared, and only the two Jacks remain. Opening up your wallet a card is clearly visible in one of the credit card slots. You cleanly remove the card and turn it over. Amazingly, it is your spectator’s signed card.


The Wallet Transformer makes card-to-wallet magic easy to perform with it’s no palm method, excellent misdirection and a strong convincer. 

Price: $29.99


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