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Ring Grinder by Dave Powell 
Ring Grinder by Dave Powell

Another beautiful piece from Dave Powell. Crafted from the finest hardwood with antique solid pewter hardware.
Dave’s clever design allows for the spectator to handle the prop throughout the routine. It is so much funnier when "they" grind up the ring and dump the pieces out the front door!
The effect is classic. Ask to borrow a ring from a spectator and upon receiving it explain that it must be cleaned before performing the trick. Produce your ring-cleaning machine and delicately place the ring into the box. Hand the box to the spectator and, when they start to turn the handle, a terrible grinding noise comes from inside of the box! Apparently they turned the wrong lever, which turns the ring into its most basic powdered form! They open the box and tilt it towards the floor. Sure enough, the remnants of what was the ring pour out of the box.
As a consolation, you reach into your jacket and remove an envelope. Of course when the spectator opens up the envelope they are much relieved to find their ring in perfect condition!
Great magic. Beautifully crafted. A “must-have” piece.
Price: $194.99


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