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Art and Magic - by S. H. Sharpe

Art and Magic - by S. H. Sharpe Discounts Apply !
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"Sam Sharpe was a magical treasure. As I read these collected thoughts, I was struck by their sheer power and beauty. Never underestimate the power of a single thought - and what it can do to change your magic and your life!" — Eugene Burger

"Sharpe will blow your mind with his insights. Art and Magic is a great book for all magicians - any page, any time. It's a book of knowledge, a book of secrets, a book of magic for a new generation." — Vito Lupo

Art and Magic combines three profound works by S. H. Sharpe - author of Neo-Magic Artistry and other classics: the much-anticipated 1000 Thoughts on Art and Magic, Sharpe's revised text of the scarce Words on Wonder, and his serialized "Through Magic-Coloured Spectacles: A Sequel to Neo-Magic."

The Art of Magic   Juan Tamariz
Thank You, Mr. Sharpe   Luis de Matos
A Thousand Lifetimes   Vito Lupo
Inner Visions   S. H. Sharpe
Editor's Note   Todd Karr
Who was Sam Sharpe?   Robin Sharpe


Introduction   Doug Henning
1. The Evocation of Wonder
2. Rudolf Steiner on Wonder
3. Wonder and Illusion
4. Magic in the Atomic Age
5. Wonder-Working
6. The Science of Illusion
7. Words on Wonder

II. On Exposing Magical Secrets
III. Terminology
IV. Natural Magic and Magic by Art
V. Consistency
VI. Acting in Magic
VII. Degrees of Artistry
VIII. In Praise of Complexity
IX. Magical Appreciation
X. High Art
XI. Originality
XII. Atmosphere
XIII. Styles of Magical Presentation
XIV. Conjurer or Charlatan
XV. Illusion vs. Reality
XVI. Confederates, Assistants, and Attendants
XVII. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in Magic

The Miracle Factory has again produced another beautiful book. For fans of S. H. Sharpe and anyone else who yearns for conjuring to achieve its artistic potential, Art and Magic is a must-buy.
— Michael Close, Magic

The type of contemplative thought produced by Mr. Sharpe on the subject of magic is rare indeed.
— David Regal, Genii

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Price: $49.99


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