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Loose Change by Colin Rose

Loose Change by Colin Rose Discounts Apply !
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Imagine a beautiful wooden cup that enabled you to make a small crochet ball appear and then disappear? Nothing new about that, but wait! Now the little ball turns into a Dollar Bill and then as if by Magic suddenly you have stacked up on the table a pile of "Loose Change". But wait it gets better. How about a Pile of Rice Grains or Pasta Shapes. All of this and much more becomes possible with Loose Change. The wooden cup is manufactured in Mahogany (or similar Hard Wood), and measures approx 72 mm in height making it perfect for close up & table hopping. The unique and original 'gimmick' once loaded into the cup will allow you to lift the cup from the table to show nothing at all, but whenever the magician chooses he can reveal the stack of coins and still use the cup as a regular 'Chop Cup' too! The special device is as versatile and creative as your own imagination will allow maximizing on the 'Surprise Element' in your close up magic performances.
List Price: $149.99
Price: $120.00


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