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Fantasma Toys Awarded Vendor of the Year Award 2004
by Toys R Us Asia - May 11, 2004


Toys R Us Asia Vendor of the Year AwardAccepting the award was Fantasma's Director of Asian Entertainment, Albert Tam. Fantasma Toys entered into a mutual agreement with Toys R Us-Asia to be their exclusive supplier of their magic product line in 2004. According to Pieter Schats, "A key success factor of Toys R Us is customers enjoying a unique shopping environment that our competitors cannot match. A significant element of this positioning is having merchandise that makes TRU different and also engages our customers in a great fun filled in store experience. Fantasma helps Toys R Us meet this goal with it's wide range of exclusive magic merchandise and it's use of fully trained magicians to demo the product in store."

Fantasma Toys, Inc is a United States based Toy manufacturer specializing in magic products located in the International Toy Center on 5th Ave, New York. They currently sell their products through out the world and are carried in over 22,000 retail doors. Under the brand name Fantasma Magic, Asian consumers were offered at Toys R Us locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia a quality of magic product never offered before. Fantasma Magic's approach to consumer products has allowed them to be the only company ever in the 80 year history of the world's largest magic organization, The International Brotherhood of Magician's ( to receive their endorsement. According to Rhys Bradley Head of Toys R Us-Asia Regional Sales and Merchandising, "The quality of the "Fantsama" magic makes it more acceptable to adults and kids, it is less toy more magic !!! Magic is for all ages and this is a product category that helps one build self confidence when performing for their friends or family."

Toys R Us Asia and Fantasma's Albert TamBecause of its entertainment value and hi sell through rate of sale, Fantasma products are normally situated in the front of the Toys R Us-Asia stores. Fantasma's magic products are demonstrated either by use of a television playing a specially prepared entertaining DVD or by a live magician. Roger Dreyer says, "Because of our relationship with the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Fantasma is able to find magicians to represent our product in the proper way around the world. We are fortunate to have over 20 performers through out Asia under the direction of Albert Tam in Hong Kong and Jeremy Pei in Singapore. We are excited to be a part of Toys R Us-Asia's growth and expand in summer of 2005 to Malaysia and other countries with our proven best selling magic product. Our products retail for as little as $2.50 to over $100 US dollars in the Toys R Us-Asia Stores. In many cases, we don't have a magic demonstrator in the stores and our products have sold through due to the popularity of the magic category on its own. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have made it so the consumers are asking the retailers like Toys R Us to carry more and more magic."

Argha Sen, Head of Toys R Us-Asia Marketing says, " Fantasma helps us enhance the 'WOW' experience in Toys R Us stores through the wonderful world of magic. Kids and parents both love the mystique of magic and are delighted to find unique magical products from Fantasma at Toys R Us."

Fantasma Toys is currently working with Toys R Us - Asia to not only continue to develop exclusive products for them, but offer top quality magicians for their consumers entertainment needs, Star Card special magic offers and special for the Toys R Us website.

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