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Fantasma Opens Up Magic Venue in Hong Kong
July 14, 2004

By Amadeo Swiss

On July 17, 2004 over 500 spectators were treated to a special show in Hong Kong and shouted out the magicword, "Molly, Molly Hung." What, haven't you used this magic word before in your show? It means "Abracadabra" in Cantonese. The show was produced by Fantasma Magic to celebrate the opening of their newest venue inside Toys R Us Hong Kong (owned by Li and Fung Corporation, the licensee of the US operation).

The show took place in the middle of the major shopping Ocean Terminal Mall where Toys R Us built a stage especially for the grand opening of Fantasma in Hong Kong. Nothing like seeing the faces of an audience that have never seen a real live magic show! The show was MCed by the very funny Albert Tam and featured the animal and classic magic of Simon and Vicki. This pair is one of Hong Kong's most commercial duos and the thundering audience response reflected their appreciation. Albert Tam then introduced Roger Dreyer who performed some comedy magic in brokenCantonese (Mr. Dreyer formally apologizes if he mispronounced any words that could have meant something else). Of course, Albert then spoke in English.

After the show, Roger Dreyer greeted the audience and provided them free magic tricks to show how much fun the art can be. Roger Dreyer says, "We are committed to getting more people worldwide involved in magic and of course promote the I.B.M. and its members. We don't believe in pushing any consumer into buying a trick that they can't do and our demonstrators do assist the purchaser on how to perform the initial routine. Although we were already selling our Fantasma Magic product worldwide, opening up a major venue throughout Hong Kong is an amazing feeling. Magic is a universal language."

After the show, Albert Tam was taped for The "Children Daily Channel" of ATV Hong Kong at Fantasma's magic venue within Toys R Us. The excellent response to Fantasma's line breaking all magic sales records prompted Toys R Us executives to immediately discuss having even more shows throughout Asia. In addition, Fantasma will be organizing with Toys R Us a Magic Youth International Club and booking many, many I.B.M. maHong Kong Opening showing tricksgicians to satisfy their monthly mailings that will soon include magic services to their loyal consumers. Thanks to Fantasma's relationship with the I.B.M., the local Ring 277 ( named the Magicians' Association of Hong Kong) supplied candidates to audition to become demonstrators.

Simon Lovell , who is Fantasma's Senior Entertainment Consultant, along with Fantasma's CEO Roger Dreyer have created a very intensive formal training manual on how to demonstrate, entertain and sell magic. The well known Hong Kong magician Albert Tam, the Ring's President and I.B.M.'s Territorial Vice President, has been hired by Fantasma to become their Entertainment Director in Asia.

Fantasma has also hired Victor Tam to work under Albert to create a team of top demonstrators will promote the art of magic not only in Hong Kong, but soon in Singapore and Taiwan as well. If a Fantasma demonstrator is not a member of the I.B.M. when they are hired, after employment of a few months, the company will pay for them to join the Organization. Initial demonstrators who can be seen performing every day now in Hong Kong include Freddy Ng, Leslie Cheung, Byran Chan and Yeung PakHong Kong article on opening Wen.

Please contact Roger Dreyer if your travels will take you through Hong Kong and you would like to perform:

Don't forget the magic word, "Molly, molly hung!"

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