Needle Through Balloon

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This trick seems to defy all laws of physics, but it really does work. Here a magician blows up a balloon. He then introduces a needle featuring a ribbon at the end. The needle is punctured into the balloon. Amazingly the balloon doesn't pop. The needle then get pushed through the other side. Once again, it doesn't pop. The needle passes through the balloon. Even the ribbon goes through the balloon. With the needle removed, the balloon is tossed into the air and immediately popped by the same needle.

Included is the needle, cover for the pointy end, ribbon, and 12 heavy duty colorful balloons. Regular balloons also work, but it is much riskier. We highly recommend another item available at Fantasma, the lubricated needle wand holder. This makes sure that the wand is nicely lubricated for your performance.

For those of you with a good eye, yes, the photo does have the needle going behind the balloon. I cheated in the photo. In reality, the needle does indeed go through the balloon.

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