Legacy Malini Egg Bag

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The Malini Egg Bag is the creation of none other than Max Malini. Charlie Miller made improvements to the Legacy Malini egg bag and Johnny Thompson perfected it. Fabric Manipulation is honored to have been chosen by Johnny Thompson to exclusively manufacture this legendary piece of magic.

Our Legacy Malini eggbags are made of what we feel is the perfect silk fabric; it is the ideal weight and thickness, enabling the egg to slide easily, yet allowing for minimal "bulge". The silk fabric drapes over your hand, adding to the illusion that the bag is definitely empty. Other bags on the market are made of stiffer fabrics, which we feel takes away from the overall illusion.

Silk Legacy Malini Egg Bags measure 7" wide x 8" long and include our signature rounded corners and large rounded pocket. The design and construction of these egg bags are according to Johnny Thompson's exact design specifications.

* Egg not included

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