“Butterfly Poster” aka “Spectacular Magic Company Poster”

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April, 1979, "Butterfly Poster" aka "Spectacular Magic Company Poster"

Intended for mass distribution, this colorful poster was produced in two sizes and enjoyed a press run ten times larger than any poster to date. Seth the Sensational had just celebrated his seventh birthday, and here his face appears prominently. This poster introduces the butterfly as the third of the major winged motifs (joining the flying dragon and the bird of paradise) which suggest the stage levitations of each of the principals: Marco the Magi, Le Grand David, and Seth the Sensational. Printed in black and three spot colors on 80# and 60# coated white enamel text by Wilkscraft Creative Printing Company, Beverly, Mass.

Le Grand David - Poster (22 1/2" x 29")

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