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A 100% custom deck of luxury playing cards. Traditional cut, bee stock, air cushion finish. Perfect for card players, and magicians



Our all new custom design, ARX, purposefully defies convention to display a new level of finesse, creativity and class.  At the same time, we carefully crafted ARX so it would remain a fully functional and easily recognizable deck for regular use by the game player, cardist, and working magician alike.

We chose the name ARX, which means focal and citadel in Latin, to embody our initial design goals and our now finished product.

The round back design and shifting line and shading draws inspiration from the apex of ancient European domes like the Pantheon in Rome.  These grand structures drew the humble viewer’s vision from the ground, toward many lines and points of light above, and ultimately to a unified cohesive oculus opening to the heavens.  Awe and wonder, power and grandeur.

Our art modernizes this ancient visual concept through an entirely new fractalized style, developed by Vinny to Charlie’s card specifications.  A combination of stark lines and highly varied color all resides within a repeating circular oculus.  The viewer’s eyes are drawn to the complexity within the simpler circle and toward the unlimited possibilities beyond.

To achieve this effect, ARX playing cards carry our fully custom fractal back designs, and our unique faces and pips with subtle variations and lighting.  We started with visual cues and the look of standard face designs, but then layered custom suit designs with colored angles to imbue the cards with intrigue and infinite detail.

Our fully customized ARX court cards complete the classy look of this distinctive deck, and "pop" off the paper for poker with your buddies, a cardistry flourish, or a magic reveal.  Our ARX playing cards boast brand new custom indexes, but we carefully created a clear font to ensure that this unique deck remains easily readable and ready for any use you choose.

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