Colorful by Jheng Cian Lin

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"It is a powerful utility tool for a strong effect" 
- Anson Lee 

A single card changes its color for four times. Sounds amazing, right? What if I told you a single card could change its color SIX times in a row? With Colorful, you can do it! 

Designed by rising young magician, JHENG CIAN LIN, and performed by Anson Lee, who won 4th prize in the FISM Manipulation category. 

Colorful is a utility weapon for manipulation, making routines stronger and more visual. You can use it with silks, billiard balls, or snowstorms, resulting in a beautiful act.
It can change color six times in a row
Sets up in a second
Easy to do
Easily fits into any routine
Brand new revolutionary design
Comes with everything you need, including a tutorial DVD
On the DVD, you will learn: 

1. The explanation of the gimmick, and the history behind its design 
2. Basic effect and set up 
3. Basic color change 
4. Color change with snowstorms 
5. Color change with magnet 
6. Color change with billiard balls 
7. How to take care of the gimmick 
8. Amazing six-time color change 

What you get:
Tutorial DVD
Colorful gimmick 
Accessories for Colorful

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