Paul Harris Presents Starlight by Chris Perrotta

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"A beam of pure light comes to life on your card..then weirdly stretches and transforms to predict a chosen card's name, a lucky number or even someone's initials!" 

Your spectator uses her own phone's flashlight to focus a single ungimmicked beam of light onto the back of a spectator's card. 
In full view the dot of light animates, stretches, then reshapes into an H. 
The H then unravels and reshapes itself into the number 8. 
The Eight of Hearts is her chosen card! 
The "8" then unravels and shrinks down to a single dot of light..where your spectator then blows it out like a candle! 
Watch the Starlight Demo now: 
Features a super easy PHP no moves, no double-lift switch that allows the chosen card and deck to be examined before and after the light show! 

* Super easy to do. No card skills required. 

* Starlight can be pre-set before your performance to morph into any card value...any two digit number or any two initials! 
* Works under all lighting conditions...from dark to light...indoors and outdoors 
(When using a borrowed phone's flashlight.) 
* Spectator can hold her own phone in her own hand during entire effect. 
* Performer has complete control over the light speed...and can stop and start the action at will. 
* Resets in seconds. 
* Perform any time...sitting, standing and surrounded. 

Complete with ingenious Bicycle rider back gimmick (Red Back only) and instructional download. 

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