The Apparition by Mark Henderson

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Imagine asking a spectator to name a celebrity, taking out your business card and waving a lighter underneath it. An image begins to form on the card in the scorch marks, the face of their chosen celebrity.
The Apparition is a tool that will allow you to do the most visually stunning predictions imaginable.
Playing card values

Anything you wish can appear in the burn marks.
The Apparition allows you to do real time predictions right under your spectators nose, in full view of your captive audience.
You can even borrow a business card if you wish!
The Apparition is perfect for both Mentalism routines and Magical performances. Leave your spectator with a souvenir they will talk about!


Easy to perform
Not a thumb writer
Multiple routines and ideas taught
Adapts to your existing routines
An Instant out if you are in a pinch
Leaves a lasting impression
Predictions can be pre-prepared or done on the fly
Borrow the business card

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