SION by John Bukowski

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Created by Fantasma's very own John Bukowksi, SION allows you to push the boundries of your coin magic, making instant appearances of coins look like the real thing!

If you're a coin magician, you're going to love SION - the gimmick that allows a US quarter to visually appear in your hand under impossible conditions!

SION allows you to perform impossible vanishes, transpositions and appearances that look like trick photography. And the best part, the gimmick does all of the work for you, meaning you can focus all your efforts on the presentation without worrying about any difficult sleights.

Instant appearance of a coin
Make coins appear, vanish and change
Comes with all the gimmicks

Your purchase includes a quarter, pen and complete instructions on how to use and perform SION, along with additional ideas.

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