Slot Box Half Dollar, JC

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The Slot Box is an Okito Box with a bonus. This bonus give you an extra kick but eliminates the pure sleight of hand and makes the box so that it cannot be examined with the coins in it. We recommend you get all of our Coin Boxes and switch them in and out.  It is one of the most useful utility items a close-up magician can have in his repertoire. The box is bottom heavy. The lid fits on the top of the box as well as the bottom of it.

This deluxe beveled coin box is made from solid brass and is finely crafted.

This new curved design is for aesthetics as well as for ease of manipulation.

This is a professional prop and there are many ways to handle this item.

This product is supplied one basic routine for a single coin box penetration.

Please refer to The Traveling Coins for one of many options as to how to get started with the Okito Box.

Hand Made in the USA

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