Fire Anywhere by Zyro and Aprendemagia

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A magic device that is going to revolutionize magic with fire.

The famous fire-book has reached another level.

Has your fire-book gotten so old and burnt that it does not work every time and doesn't fit in your routine?

The solution has been found for all of these problems and more:

This device has been specially created for professional magicians and for non-professionals too!

Imagine that any book, newspaper, magazine, restaurant menu, magazine... almost anything you can think of can be turned into a classic fire book effect.

It is so slim (4 mm is the widest part) that you just have to stick it inside anything that you want to be transformed into an impromptu fire book.

FIRE ANYWHERE is an electronic device that generates fire ignition and keeps the flames where you put it in a very easy way. Just press a button and flames will emerge!

Some of the benefits of FIRE ANYWHERE:

- Rechargeable battery
- ON/OFF switch
- Easy handle ignition button
- It can be placed in anything that is similar to a book
- Easy to change from one place to another
- More than 400 ignitions with the battery fully charged

It is so easy to set up and handle that even a non-expert would be able to have it in action just 3 minutes out of the box!

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