Close Up Magic, DVD's, books, cards and novelty tricks sold at the Fantasma Magic Market. 

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The Jar US Version (DVD and Gimmicks) by Kozmo, Garrett Thomas and Tokar

"The Jar is an incredibly valuable tool in a mentalist's arsenal due to its deceptively natural look...
Ex Tax: $50.00

Sharpie Through Bill by Alan Rorrison and SansMinds

Alan Rorrison has taken an iconic effect and added his own spin on it. SansMinds is proud to present...
Ex Tax: $19.95

MIRO Deck by Federico Poeymiro

Miro Deck is an amazing deck of Bicycle cards which enables you to do a multitude of miracles. Have...
Ex Tax: $39.95

Murphy's Magic Signature NOC Playing Card

  The Murphy's Magic Signature NOC deck has a regal Murphy's navy blue back with a thin trim...
Ex Tax: $7.95

Paul Harris Presents Starlight by Chris Perrotta

"A beam of pure light comes to life on your card..then weirdly stretches and transforms to predict...
Ex Tax: $39.95

Absolute Zero (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds

"Absolute Zero is THE ultimate device to make you look like you have superpowers! I love it!!! I'm a...
Ex Tax: $85.00

Dream Pad by João Miranda Magic

From the creative mind of João Miranda comes a new confabulation effect for close-up, never seen bef...
Ex Tax: $67.49

Wizards Hank

This is a great "Utility" prop that can be used in many ways. Make a ring or a coin placed in thi...
Ex Tax: $24.99

Magic Spider Pro-Pack by Ian Pidgeon

My Pet Boris (the magic spider app) is the work of magician Ian Pidgeon from Sydney Australia. ...
Ex Tax: $15.00

Wink (DVD and Gimmicks) by The Other Brothers

Wink is a stunning way to reveal a card, thought-of number, initials, and more. See the trailer to e...
Ex Tax: $20.00

Vortex Magic Presents FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan

This is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker. A Sharpie is placed on a ...
Ex Tax: $24.95

Scream (DVD and Gimmick)

One gun. One bullet. One hacked off finger in one bloodied envelope. One story your audience will NE...
Ex Tax: $26.50

Paul Harris Presents Rattled by Dan Hauss

You display a water bottle cap and put a coin or ring under the cap. You step back from the table so...
Ex Tax: $34.95

Numberic by Taiwan Ben

Imagine taking your mental demonstration to a whole new level. EFFECT: The Numberic Cube is ...
Ex Tax: $49.99


This is an almost universal card magic prop! Its effect is intuitive and easy to do! Its role is to...
Ex Tax: $29.95