Close Up Magic, DVD's, books, cards and novelty tricks sold at the Fantasma Magic Market. 

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FLIGHT by Michael Afshin & Vortex Magic -Trick

FLIGHT is a full coin routine that combines Matrix and 3 Fly in to a full routine that is ideal for ...
Ex Tax: $139.95

Flash Deck Switch 2.0 (Improved / Blue) by Shin Lim – Trick

*Note: this is the second and improved version of flash deck switch. This gimmick comes in Bicycle R...
Ex Tax: $34.95

Equilibrium by Magic World – Trick

Demonstrate the ability to synchronize precisely with ANY spectator. ANY time. AGAIN and AGAIN. Just...
Ex Tax: $24.95

ECO_BOX (Black) by Hand Crafted Miracles & Mark Southworth – Trick

Handcrafted Miracles proudly presents:The Eco-BoxCreated by Mark Southworth and Dannicus As a young ...
Ex Tax: $34.95

Counterfeit by Magic World – Trick

Six cards. Two free spectator choices. One mental miracle! The name may be COUNTERFEIT but the react...
Ex Tax: $24.95

Color Changing Knives by Twin Cities Magic – Trick

A small pocket knife suddenly changes colors from Green to Silver (colors may vary) and back again a...
Ex Tax: $25.00

Close Up Table Wood

This is something that I have wanted to build for a very long time but kept putting it on the back b...
Ex Tax: $499.99

Chapswitch by Nick Lawrence/SansMinds – DVD

Imagine rolling up a bill into a little tube, changing it into a small chapstick with just a little ...
Ex Tax: $24.95

Benz by Sean Fields – Trick

There are fewer joyful moments from a spectator when they open their hand and witness a hard, metal ...
Ex Tax: $34.95

BASH! by Xeon Steel – Trick

From the mind of Xeon Steel, comes "BASH". Inspired by Xeon's own previous effect, "FIVE", Xeon brin...
Ex Tax: $24.95

AmazeBox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc – Trick

Once in a while we come across a trick with a method that is as inspiring and whimsical as the effec...
Ex Tax: $45.00

4D Printer by Tenyo Magic 2014

Although the blank cards never leave your sight, you can print designs on them just like magic! A cl...
Ex Tax: $23.99

4 Dimensional Trunk by Tenyo

American magic creator J. C. Doty became famous for his production of a full-sized bowling ball from...
Ex Tax: $39.99

3Sixty by Wayne Dobson

3Sixty by Wayne Dobson is a revolutionary card to box effect. A perfect ending to your ambitious car...
Ex Tax: $59.99

18+ by Bond Lee & Magiclism-Trick

18 PLUS is a sensational piece of magic, an extremely strong and funny effect. Imagine your spectat...
Ex Tax: $32.00