Purchase mind tricks, DVD's and apparatus presented by the industries leading stars of magic. 

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Fantasma Magic Gift Certificate - $100

A $100 gift certificate for you or your magical others. This is probably the 2nd most magical thing ...
Ex Tax: $100.00

Insight ESP by Hugo Shelley

Insight ESP includes a set of 5 electronic ESP cards and 5 blank cards. Invisible RFID chips embedde...
Ex Tax: $329.99

Universal Peek Device (UPD) by Alan Wong and Pablo Amira – Trick

Pablo Amira and Alan Wong have joined forces to bring to the magic and mentalism community the "UPD"...
Ex Tax: $39.95

Senti-Mentalism by Luca Volpe and Titanas Magic – DVD

Mentalism is the last frontier. Such an intimate, engaging and direct experience. Luca's unique styl...
Ex Tax: $29.95

Paul Harris Presents Freedom Writer by Mark Allen and Paul Harris Presents – Trick (Gimmick & Online Video Instruction)

Paul Harris Presents Mark Allen's FREEDOM WRITER The Evolution of a Classic Mindreading Dev...
Ex Tax: $59.95

Equilibrium by Magic World – Trick

Demonstrate the ability to synchronize precisely with ANY spectator. ANY time. AGAIN and AGAIN. Just...
Ex Tax: $24.95

13 Steps To Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

Tony Corinda's landmark work, 13 Steps To Mentalism, is widely considered to be the mentalist's ...
Ex Tax: $119.99

100th Monkey

"Absolutely brilliant!" - Banachek "The 100th Monkey is not just a method; it's an adventure! You...
Ex Tax: $80.00