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Expanded Magnetic One Dollar Eisenhower Shell by Tango

With this gimmick, there are two different effects in which you can use this item perfectly... Ef...
Ex Tax: $60.00

Emperor by Ryu-Ka and Mo

This is an omnibus collection DVD featuring MO and Ryu-ka who are Japan's leading young magicians. I...
Ex Tax: $34.99

eLit by Peter Eggink

A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your spectato...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Cointum Tunneling

The magician shows a clear small container and takes off the lid. There is a coin inside. He pic...
Ex Tax: $28.49

Chinese Coin And Shell Set- Deluxe

These are the nicest chinese coins ever! Great weight and feel and the look is amazing! This ...
Ex Tax: $59.99

Changeling by Marc Lavelle and Titanas Magic

The Changeling is a fully customizable VISUAL bill switch gimmick where size, color, or even currenc...
Ex Tax: $29.99

Benz by Sean Fields

There are fewer joyful moments from a spectator when they open their hand and witness a hard, meta...
Ex Tax: $34.99


Do you have incredible strength?? Looks like an incredible feat of superhuman strength- done righ...
Ex Tax: $24.99

Pickpocket Passport by Alan Wong & Gregory Wilson

How many times do people check their watch or wallet when you tell them that you're a magician? Have...
Ex Tax: $74.99

10 Assorted Collectible Coins

Set of 10 Collectible coins.  A $100 value!  Set includes Bartl coin, Egyptian Hall Token, Goddess O...
Ex Tax: $49.99

$100 Coin Trick

The $100 Coin Trick is a very useful pair of special half dollar coins. The number of effects that c...
Ex Tax: $100.00