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S2C by Johnny Wong

All coin magic fans know that Johnny Wong's coin gimmicks are always easy to use and can be applied ...
Ex Tax: $99.95

RICH by SMagic Productions

You are holding a bunch of money and show the audience the sides of the money. Then only with a gest...
Ex Tax: $19.99

Quarter Through Pen- Wood

Imagine having an unprepared quarter penetrate a regular pen not once but twice! A small hollow bl...
Ex Tax: $19.99

Pen Thru Anything

It's the perfect carry around pocket effect. But how many things can you do with it? This DVD includ...
Ex Tax: $14.99

Octopalm Anti-Gravity Gel

Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel is a new way to stick just about any lightweight object to your skin, wit...
Ex Tax: $9.95

N3 Coin Set by N2G

Imagine: a silver Half Dollar on your finger, without any cover, any movement, suddenly changes into...
Ex Tax: $49.99

Monster by Mott-Sun

9 well-selected coin routines. Featuring 19 year old, Japanese Underground Magician: Mott-Sun. E...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Money Maker

One of magic's oldest tricks is now being made in the highest quality by Magic Makers. Magically ro...
Ex Tax: $19.99

Money By Lloyd Barnes & Ellusionist

With no cover, no hand-switching, no fancy origami and no stacks of bills to hide behind, a single ...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Miracle Money by Jay Leslie

The ORIGINAL Miracle Money was invented and routined by James Swoger and Ed Mellon and now has a new...
Ex Tax: $32.49

Mini Coin Set

Set of 8 miniature coins- two pennies, two nickels, two dimes and two quarters. .....
Ex Tax: $6.99

Metamorphosis Bill by Bob Solari

A One and Five Dollar Bill transpose under IMPOSSIBLE and FAIR conditions! Works with new style bil...
Ex Tax: $12.99

Magic Feather By Higpon

Magic Feather is very light, easy and casual multi-functional gimmick. 10 performances & explanat...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Liberty: Fingertips II By Eric Jones

In 2007, Eric Jones released a set of lecture notes intended to be an homage to his idol, Stevie Wo...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Leather Magnetic Himber Wallet by Alan Wong

High quality genuine leather Himber Wallet for professionals. Will fit all size international curren...
Ex Tax: $49.99