Magic tricks and Illusions for the Stage and Parlor sold at Fantasma Magic Store.

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Ghost Alarm Clock W/Remote

Sense the beginning of time people have been attempting to contact the spirit world. This...
Ex Tax: $449.99

Empty by Sumit Chhajer

Show an empty box completely empty from all sides and then get the power to magically produce chains...
Ex Tax: $49.95

Electric Bulb Socket For The Magic Light Bulb

A great accessory for any Magic Light Bulb!  Screw your Magic Light Bulb (sold separately) into this...
Ex Tax: $9.99

Deluxe Breakaway Fan

You take out a Japanese fan to use for a volunteer to hold. Next you ask him of her to be VERY caref...
Ex Tax: $12.50

Comedy Passe Passe Potato Chips

On the table you see two yellow tubes, in front of them a Pringles tube and a soda can (You choose y...
Ex Tax: $80.00

Chinese Rice Bowls- Aluminum

The magician displays two empty bowls. He fills one with rice and inverts the second bowl over the ...
Ex Tax: $33.99

Change Bag with Zipper

A beautiful piece of apparatus. Polished brass rim, gold handle, 9" red velvet plush bag with zipper...
Ex Tax: $69.99

Born by Bond Lee

This DVD includes some of the most visual effects which can be done by billiard balls. Tutorials wer...
Ex Tax: $39.99

Blades Through Arm

Who doesn't love a good cut and restore trick?  With the blades laying on the table place your arm t...
Ex Tax: $99.99

Appearing 8 Foot Pole

This is the classic appearing EIGHT foot pole. Imagine the look on the audience face when you look i...
Ex Tax: $34.99

Airborne Glass (Universal Plastic Bottle Model)

While talking to the audience, the performer casually pours liquid from a bottle held in his right h...
Ex Tax: $14.99

Minimax 2.0 by Edo

Minimax 2.0 the world's smallest and most sensitive magnet detector available today. We completely r...
Ex Tax: $98.99


The M5 System makes you feel like you can perform real magic. You can use the system to create eerie...
Ex Tax: $134.99

Zombie Ball LARGE

You show a highly polished aluminum sphere which sits on a matching polished base. You proceed to co...
Ex Tax: $29.99

Zombie Foulard Black

Double thick silk specially made for performing the Zombie ball routine......
Ex Tax: $9.99