Magic tricks and Illusions for the Stage and Parlor sold at Fantasma Magic Store.

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Slate Of Mind

Slate of mind was created by U.F.Grant in the 1940s. An excellent effect, that we are pleased to re-...
Ex Tax: $24.99

Real Egg by Gianfranco Ermini

This is an essential accessory to create the "Silk to egg" routine. The egg is TRUE and treated a...
Ex Tax: $49.95

PRO BOARD by Anton James

The ProBoard is a deviously simple switching board that is a breeze to use. The ProBoard is...
Ex Tax: $29.99

Pendragon Metamorphisis Foulard

Faster than the eye", is literally how Charlotte Pendragon's performance of the metamorphosis has be...
Ex Tax: $350.00

Peanut Butter and Jelly Trick

Magician shows a jar of peanut and a jar of jelly. Also two tubes, one blue and one red, just big en...
Ex Tax: $65.00

Passe Passe Bottles

Two cylinders are shown empty. The magician also shows a bottle and a glass. Upon command of the mag...
Ex Tax: $44.99

Oriental Rice Bowls (Aluminum)

Now you can perform the classic ancient RICE BOWL EFFECT without the fear of failure or troublesom...
Ex Tax: $74.99

Needle Thru Arm

Effect: You roll back your sleeve, and start talking about things like "pain thresholds," "surgica...
Ex Tax: $29.99

Needle Through Balloon

This trick seems to defy all laws of physics, but it really does work. Here a magician blows up a ba...
Ex Tax: $14.99

Multum In Parvo by Bazar De Magia

Through this fabulous classic magic trick you will astound your audience by making the liquid contai...
Ex Tax: $64.99

Mini Telic Magic Wand, Brass Tips 6″

Each wand is individually hand crafted. These wands are made with high quality delrin with brass ...
Ex Tax: $24.99

Metamorpho Spots

Magician displays an empty black can with white spots, a black silk and a white silk. The two sil...
Ex Tax: $22.50

Messado Rings by Ellusionist

Built to Joshua Messado’s exact specifications, we went through over a dozen prototypes until the se...
Ex Tax: $74.99

Losander Floating Table 2.0 with Anti-Gravity Box

20 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table...
Ex Tax: $1,200.00

Light Up Rose

Light up rose makes a great addition to any Skylighters routine! Light up flower is 19" long. Throw ...
Ex Tax: $19.99