Fantasma Magic sells Comedy magic tricks in their premium Market.Tricks designed to make your friends and family laugh, as you perform feats of humorous wonder. Engage in the misdirection, redirection of hilarious wonder.


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3D Rabbits

You show your audience that you have two sponge rabbits. A mommy rabbit and a daddy rabbit. You plac...
Ex Tax: $9.99

Funny Rabbit

The magician shows the audience a white rabbit standing on a pedestal. He then shows a colorful rect...
Ex Tax: $59.99

Zipper Banana

Cute comedy prop for kids' shows!  Show a banana, unzip the zippers on the sides of the "peel" and t...
Ex Tax: $7.99

Super Soft Sponge Balls

Sponge ball routines are a classic of magic, and the ones made from Magic By Gosh are as good as the...
Ex Tax: $5.99

3 Ropes & 1000 Laughs by Cody Fisher-Trick

Straight out of Cody fisher's corporate comedy act! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fisher's pr...
Ex Tax: $39.95

100th Monkey

"Absolutely brilliant!" - Banachek "The 100th Monkey is not just a method; it's an adventure! You...
Ex Tax: $80.00