The Necessities of magic are the go to props that enhance, and ensure a solid repertoire, for your performance needs. With Fantasma magics' stock of must haves, you will always be ready. Cups, Balls, close Up Mats, Silks, Thread, Gaffs, and so much more found within Fantasma Magic's necessities section.

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ITR thread work made easy with this incredible util...
Ex Tax: $19.99


Insta-Snow turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow. You just ad...
Ex Tax: $19.99

Feather Flower Bouquet Production

All flowers are the very best quality in the world. These flowers are mounted on top-grade spring st...
Ex Tax: $12.99


COMING SOON!!!! This case is perfect for storing all of your magic needs!.....
Ex Tax: $39.99

Close Up Mat

A soft, big pad that allows your close up work to shine. Focus attention where you want it. Perform ...
Ex Tax: $9.99

Devil’s Hank Pro (Black) by Sumit Chhajer

The Devil's Hank is a magicians utility accessory. It is in the Industry from decades because of its...
Ex Tax: $19.95

Thumb Tip by Vernet – XXL

With this thumb tip you can do all the tricks you usually perform with the classic thumb tip but on ...
Ex Tax: $6.99

Thumb Tip by Vernet – Soft

Soft, flexible magician's device lets you vanish objects in your bare hand!  .....
Ex Tax: $5.99

Swami Thumb Writer

The Swami Thumb writer may appear to be nothing more than a grease marker attached to your thumb, bu...
Ex Tax: $13.95


For anyone that wants to vanish a silk, the size of the silk is very important. The silks come in as...
Ex Tax: $3.99

Premium Thumb Tip (Ultra Realistic)

The most realistic thumbtip you will ever use.  Virtually invisible!  Comes in two tones: pink and t...
Ex Tax: $5.99

Mesika Wax

This box contains 150 pellets of clear wax, perfectly suited for use with Yigal Mesika reels and oth...
Ex Tax: $8.99

Freedom Writer By Mark Allen

The Freedom writer may appear to be nothing more than a grease marker attached to your thumb, but ef...
Ex Tax: $59.99

Fantasma’s Buddha Chop Cup

We went all out with our Fantasma Asian line and this is easily one of the most requested tricks o...
Ex Tax: $99.99

Fanning Powder – Norm Nielsen

To be used on playing cards in order to make them fan more smoothly and evenly. Directions - Spri...
Ex Tax: $5.99