ILLUSIONS by Fantasma


1. Download “AR-XRAY” on the App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Force 5 of Hearts using following instructions.
A. Place the Five Of Hearts on top of the deck before you are ready to perform this trick.
B. When you are ready to perform, ask your spectator to cut the deck anywhere.
C. Take the bottom half of the deck and place it crosswise across the top half of the deck. The deck should look like a image below. (fig A)
D. Briefly distract the spectator’s attention by taking out your cell phone.
E. Lift the bottom half of the deck off of the top half and tell the spectator they’ve “cut” to the Five Of Hearts.
3. Return playing cards to card box.
4. Place card box with Fantasma Deluxe Playing Card side face up in the middle of spectator’s right palm of hand.
5. Open AR-XRAY app.
6. Hold phone over spectator’s right hand.
7. Press Max Button & scan will show x-rayed Skeleton Hand holding deck.
8. Press Med Button and scan will reveal back of the cards.
9. Press Normal Button and scan will reveal spectator’s hand w/ x-ray of the 5 of hearts selected card. (fig B)