Glorpy The Haunted Hanky

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Glorpy is a true classic of magic - an effect that should be in every magician's gig bag.

The routine is both simple to perform as well as simple to present. No need for complicated set-ups and or explanations.  Easy to follow and very visual magic.  NO sleight of hand.  The hanky can be folded and unfolded as many times as you like to show that there is nothing inside. NO palming.  NO switches.  Absolutely clean!!!

A silk pocket handkerchief is laid down on a table and folded. You grab a “small ghost” and toss him in to the handkerchief. Then, the handkerchief comes to life and moves as if there is some sort of object inside the folds. It can appear to respond to or interact with the magician or the spectators.

This effect is perfect when used in demonstrations of spirit writing when performed in a séance or mentalism act.

Glorpy was created by Madblood Creations (Bill Madden and Bernie Trueblood) circa 1960. It was declared the "Trick of the Millennium" by Genii Magazine and magicians have been frying their audiences with it ever since.  Do not pas this up – this is too good a trick to not have in your act.

Great for all skill levels - from Beginner to Professional!

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