Fantasma’s Buddha Chop Cup

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We went all out with our Fantasma Asian line and this is easily one of the most requested tricks of the lot! The cup is manufactured for Fantasma Magic in China. It has a beautiful old world charm and is actually hand painted with genuine Chinese calligraphy. The set includes a beautifully crafted Buddha statuette for the routine's finale!  The cup feels like leather and handles like a dream. We created a routine that took full advantage of the props. After performing a traditional Chop Cup routine, the magician places a ball on the table and covers it with the cup. He asks whether the ball is on the table or in his pocket. When the cup is lifted, instead of the expected ball, we find the hand-carved Buddha. The statuette can be immediately lifted from the table and displayed. This is a beautiful piece of magic, and we only have a few pieces left!

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