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Houdini exposes the tricks used by the Boston medium "Margery" to win the $2500 prize offered by the Scientific American: Also a complete exposure of ... and America, with his claim to X-ray vision


Mina Crandon (more commonly known as Margery) is, perhaps, the most controversial medium in the history of Spiritualism. In her heyday, in the 1920's, she spurred comments from some of the most noted Spiritualists and parapsychologists.

Dr. Joseph B. Rhine, father of modern-day parapsychology, once said:

"I think the main value of the Margery case was in the great stir it made in bringing together people from different parts of the world who saw the possible significance of such claims if verified."

Hereward Carrington, one of this country's most noted pioneer psychic investigators, wrote:

"As a result of more than forty sittings with Margery, I have arrived at the definite conclusion that genuine supernormal phenomena frequently occur. Many of the observed manifestations might well have been produced fraudulently . . . however, there remains a number of instances when phenomena were produced and observed under practically perfect control."

The opinions surrounding the Margery mediumship were as diverse as the phenomena themselves. While the novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was saying, "The phenomena . . . are perhaps the best attested in the whole annals of psychic research," America's psychic investigator, Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, was saying, "Now, in my judgment, the Margery case will in time come to be considered the most ingenious, persistent and fantastic complex of fraud in the history of psychic research."


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  • Publisher: Adams Press (1924)
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