Mogar’s Giant Stag Set

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A black knife vanishes then appears in a pocket, changes to white, then black. A white knife is removed from the pocket and the knives change places twice. Additional black and white knives are put into play, the black and whites jump around and change places. One set is the placed aside. Finally a white knife changes to a surprise red knife. Fast moving action, spectator involvement and one surprise after another. A great routine with the world's best - Mogar Knives. Routine includes: * 1 White Knife * 1 Black Stag Knife * 1 White/Black Stag Knife * 1 White/Red Knife * 1 Knife Pouch Mogars Stag Handle Knives are the finest of color-changing knives ever made. These have all the necessary requirements to allow you to perform the perfect routine. The knives are constructed with all the fine details incorporated.  Destined to be collectible!

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