Cold Case by Greg Wilson

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From shuffled to stacked in seconds - this deck-switching device is so simple in concept and execution that you can tell your audience in advance you're going to switch the deck and they WILL NOT SEE IT.  Best of all, we arm you with a precision crafted gimmick and full streaming instructions that explains TEN original routines, handlings and applications by Gregory Wilson, David Gripenwaldt, Michael Weber, John Kennedy, Justin Miller and Raj Madhok. Plus, it makes the classics instantly accessible: perfect poker deals, color-changing decks, story packs, new deck order finale and mental miracles.

"Unlike other deck switches using a gimmick, this is one you can and will do."

- Roberto Giobbi (Author of The Art of Switching Decks)

Cold Facts:

TEN original routines, handlings & applications, taught in over 3 hours of detailed instructions by Gregory Wilson

Instant reset

Easy to perform

Mostly angle-proof

Great for close-up or stand-up

No moving parts to wear out or break down

Pre-constructed in red Bicycle, but can be easily altered for any brand

Cold Case is hailed as the next evolution from respected deck switch pros all over the world.

Cold Case is so devious it should be criminal. Make the switch!

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