Bold Project 1 By Justin Miller & Ellusionist

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The Bold Trilogy is characterised by brazen, high-impact magic. Effects, methods and presentations that will give you both the knowledge and confidence to perform anything to anyone - and deliver blow after astonishing blow that will leave your audience reeling.

Bold. Reactions.

Bold is about real people with real reactions, getting the most out of your audience, and understanding that every person reacts differently. Bold is about bringing out what Justin calls the ‘I gotta go to Church NOW’ reactions.

Effects that have a visible psychological effect on the face of the spectators as the brain seems to ‘break’ and recover, and then break again, as it tries to process what has just happened.

Justin teaches you how to incorporate the crucial parts of the routine into everyday gestures, offbeat moments - and even having spectators do the ‘dirty work’ for you. From the seemingly brave to out-right-gutsy, Justin shows just what performing ‘Bold’ magic can do for you.

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