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Learn over 150 tricks with the Astounding Magic Set!
This Astounding set includes:

  • Use the mysterious Card Box to make ordinary playing cards transform into one another!
  • Make your arm turn 360 degrees in the baffling Arm Twister! 
  • Magically make a die pass through a solid board with the amazing Die Penetration Box!
  • The Astounding Magic Sets also includes some of magic’s most popular routines such as:
  • The classic Linking Rings- where solid passes through solid!
  • Cups and Balls- cause three balls to penetrate three cups!
  • Multiplying Soap Bubbles-  Where a bubble becomes solid then multiplies!

The Astounding Magic DVD set comes with a fully illustrated instructional manual and a supplemental DVD to help you perfect the routines.
All Fantasma Magic kits are endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the largest magic organization in the world. 
All Fantasma products conform to the most rigorous child safety testing!
Ages 6+
150+ tricks

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